Software Development for your Body Sculpting Business

Software Development for your medical business Image

Sculpting your clients’ bodies is complicated enough as it is, your relationship with them doesn’t have to be. At Salterra Digital Services, we understand that success in any business largely depends on the business-client relationship. It’s the lifeblood of repeat business and referrals.

We develop world-class custom software solutions for expert body sculptors, with the end in mind of helping them reach out to new prospects, turning them into paying clients.

It all starts with an idea. Don’t have any ideas yet? Read on.

Body sculpting is a technology-intensive industry that makes use of lasers and other tools to help people achieve their ideal bodies. People like to see how they will look after a procedure. Our technology can help you develop apps that offer clients a BEFORE and AFTER picture of themselves. But this is just one idea we have for getting potential clients engaged. If you have any ideas, we can help you turn that into an application that people are going to download and repeatedly use.

Most apps that are downloaded from the marketplace are uninstalled or ignored shortly after being downloaded. Don’t let that be the case for what you create.

We have been developing applications specifically for body sculpting businesses for years and we are constantly pushing the possibilities of what’s possible. Tell us your ideas and we will turn that into a beautifully designed, engaging, and user-friendly mobile solution. We handle concept, design, development, and strategy for mobile apps for Android, iPhone, and iPad, as well as Windows phones. In other words, we don’t stop at uploading your application to the marketplace, we make sure that it’s found, downloaded, and, most importantly, repeatedly used.

A fully engaged user is more likely to turn into a paying client. Contact us for more information on our app development service.

Our expertise is not limited to apps. We also develop Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) websites. Make it easy for your clients to do business with you by creating an information-filled booking website that is responsive to the device it is being accessed from. Aside from bookings, there are many things you can do with a SaaS website. Let us know what you want to be found in it.

Contact us for help in developing a SaaS website.

Again, we don’t stop at the building. We make sure that what we create is found and used. To that end, we offer different marketing solutions to market your website, from Facebook advertising to making your website rank on Google local search. More important than marketing, though, is the message and branding.

If you have yet to develop your own brand, or if you need to strengthen your brand, we will sit down with you to develop a strong tagline and marketing message that reflects your Unique Selling Proposition. Our team of marketing experts is able and willing to help. So, when you are ready to have more paying clients, give us a call or send us a message.