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In today’s digital landscape, if you’re not found online, you’re virtually non-existent to potential customers. And this is where Search Engine Optimization, widely known as SEO, comes into play. It’s an essential digital marketing strategy that every online business needs to understand and leverage.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results. It involves multiple strategies, actions, and best practices to improve your website’s position in search engines.

Importance of SEO

Why is SEO important? Because it’s about being where your customers are and directing them toward your online business. It’s the tool that enables you to connect with users searching the web for content relevant to your website.

SEO and Your Online Presence

Your online presence determines your success as a business operating on the internet. SEO enhances your online visibility, increases your website’s rank in search engine results, and positions your business in front of a broader audience.

Organic Search: The Heart of SEO

Organic search refers to the search results earned through effective SEO, not paid for (that’s PPC). Organic search results cover more digital real estate, appear more credible to savvy searchers, and receive more clicks than paid advertisements.

Elements of SEO: On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO

SEO is divided into two main types: On-page SEO (all the measures taken within your website to improve its position in search rankings) and Off-page SEO (all the steps taken outside of your website to improve its position in search rankings). Both are critical to the success of an SEO campaign.

SEO and User Experience

Google has learned how to interpret a positive or negative user experience, and a positive user experience has become a crucial element to a website’s success. Implementing SEO strategies that lead to a positive user experience is a win-win approach.

SEO: An Investment, Not a Cost

SEO isn’t a cost; it’s an investment with a high return. By tying in SEO to Web analytics data, you may observe specific keywords having great conversion rates for which you rank only on page #2 on Google and know you’re leaving money on the table.

How Salterra Helps You Navigate the SEO Landscape

At Salterra, our team of SEO experts takes an individualized approach to SEO. We understand that every business is unique, and so are its SEO needs. We use cutting-edge tools and strategies to improve your website’s rankings, enhance your online presence, and drive organic traffic.

Conclusion: Harness the Power of SEO

SEO is not a one-time endeavor; it’s a long-term commitment. But when done right, it offers long-term benefits. It not only helps you build trust and credibility but also influences consumers’ buying decisions, leading to increased conversions and sales. It’s about making your brand visible and relevant in the digital age.

Why is SEO important?

If you don’t optimize your website for search engines, you risk losing several potential customers to your competitors whose websites appear higher in search engine results.  When someone searches for information about the products and services you offer, it is important to show up top of the list, ahead of the rest of the class. The longer you wait to optimize a business online, the further down the company’s pages of results will fall.

Google is the leading go-to whenever you need to find out what hours the new restaurant in town is open or what’s in Pad Thai… everything you want to know is just a click away.  When people search keywords for your business, you want to appear prominently. Research shows an overwhelming percentage of traffic from Google searches routes to the first three search results.

The terminology you select for search engine optimization determines where your business ranks.  To ensure your website appears on Page 1, rather than 18 or 43, you must establish yourself as the authority on key topics and terms related to your business. It is important to show Google that you are a resource, not only to potential customers but also online. They prove that you know about the services or products you offer.

Additionally, your website’s influence is determined through onsite and offsite factors.

Onsite search engines rank websites regularly, publishing fresh content on a specific topic. If you run a pet shop, for example, publishing regular blog posts on choosing the right pet for your home/family would start establishing your online authority. You may also want to blog about topics relevant to pet owners. This shows the power in knowledge to Google.

Offsite, search engines like to see websites other than yours link back to your web pages. When other websites link to your content or people share your content on social media, you have a better chance of being trusted by Google, therefore, listed prominently in search results.

How to get started with SEO?

Influencing search engines doesn’t happen overnight, but with consistent attention and relevant content, you will soon start reaching and captivating your target audience. If you’re starting, getting super specific with your focus is best. Please remember that a brand-new domain can not be expected to rank for at least 6 months.

Rather than writing about general animal behavior, publish content on your website that answers specific questions about your audience.  Continuing with the pet shop example, things like: Apartment Living – Dog vs. Cat? Or I Have a New Baby – Do I Want a Puppy too? What Types of Crates Should I Get For My Puppy?

It’s important to consider that once you start writing content, you must establish some early authority and continuity by promoting it in an email newsletter and on your social media sites. Consistency is just as important as reliability for Google. Ensuring you are promoting quality content across all outlets online is key.

Ready to start using SEO for your business?

Do you still have questions about the virtual maze of SEO?  That’s what we’re here for!  Contact Salterra Digital Services to help you navigate your way to the head of the class!

What is Local SEO

Many people think that SEO and local SEO are quite similar, but this is far from reality. SEO stands for search engine optimization and is helpful in making your website or blog rank higher in Google searches.

Local SEO, on the other hand, encompasses different marketing strategies which help to make your particular business or services more visible and accessible to potential clients in a specific area. If you currently run, manage or operate a business with a “local” presence, keep reading to learn how you can make local SEO work to your advantage.

Local SEO is a cost-effective way to position and market your company and services online. Local SEO helps small and large businesses leverage the power of Google and search to make their business visible to LOCAL clients at the right time, with the right offer or content they seek.

Why is Local SEO Important?

Now, more than ever, local SEO is driving offline sales. A recent study revealed that over 70% of ALL SALES, online or offline, were first influenced by an online search query. Millions

Millions of customers look through Google-optimized local search results daily to find the best local business in their area. Are you showing up when they search?

Studies show that approximately 50 percent of all Google searches are local. In other words, half of internet users look for restaurants, coffee shops, event arenas, gyms, and other establishments in their city. An example of a local search would be “movie theater in New York” or “fitness club in London”. These are known as searches with a geo-qualifier because a city has been specified in the search query (New York or London).

A type of local search without a geo-qualifier would be “coffee shop near me.” Most of us make such searches on Google every day. Because our gadgets have GPS and Wi-Fi connectivity, Google’s algorithms understand that you’re referring to your current location. When you type “near me,” they can display more relevant results.

If you’re interested in attracting more clients to your establishment (and if you’re reading this article, you are), then you need to learn how to advertise your business online and take advantage of local SEO strategies. People look online for solutions and answers to problems, so you must be there and attract their attention.

It will be more profitable if your business gains much exposure thanks to good local SEO strategies. Here is what you have to do to make your business more accessible to your potential clients.

Use Google Places

You can list your business in Google Places and complete its profile, adding business hours, phone numbers, address details, and other relevant information. This will help potential clients find your business easier and eventually visit your restaurant or gym. These people use their smartphones as a primary search method, and they usually go to Google Places for suggestions, so your establishment will gain a lot of exposure.

Use Business Directories

You can also take advantage of business directories such as Yelp and Foursquare. These places have lots of traffic and rank very well on Google. You should list your name, address, and phone number (NAP) to allow visitors to contact you for appointments or reservations.

Create a website and let clients add reviews.

Google highly values social interaction. You can make your business even more accessible to customers by creating a website and using keywords relevant to your business, such as “restaurant,” “Italian coffee,” etc.

Once your website is up and running, allow your customers to share their opinion about your services and post reviews. This will make your website rank higher in Google searches, eventually translating into more clients and, of course, more profit!


What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is enhancing a website’s rank in search engine results, thus increasing the quality and quantity of its traffic.

Why is SEO important?

SEO is crucial because it helps businesses reach potential customers by appearing in relevant search results.

What are the elements of SEO?

SEO consists of On-page SEO (improvements made on your website) and Off-page SEO (efforts made outside of your website).

What is organic search?

Organic search refers to unpaid search results that are achieved through effective SEO.

How can Salterra help with SEO?

Salterra provides personalized SEO solutions using advanced tools and strategies to boost your website’s rankings, improve your online presence, and increase organic traffic.