Marketing Insights For Medical Spa Businesses

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Medical Spas, or Med Spas for short, represent one of the fastest growing industries in the country. Modern technology, the desire to avoid surgery, and an influx of younger patients have led to an explosion of the industry. However, this growth also means increased competition. The old and conventional marketing strategies for med spas are no longer adequate to generate the necessary attention from prospects, and enhance loyalty from the existing ones.

New times call for new tactics. For the best ROI in your marketing, your med spa business needs to incorporate a mix of both digital and traditional marketing strategies in its overall marketing plan. Fortunately, you’ve already taken the first step towards achieving this – researching and reading about med spa marketing ideas on our guide.

Currently, if your business isn’t engaged with the digital marketing world, it’s likely that your competitors are burying you. Digital marketing entails building a strong online presence, which all starts with a well-designed med spa website. From there, it extends to informative content, active social media pages, accurate directory listings, email campaigns, and video content. Making an impact with your digital marketing will positively impact your ROI.

We offer the following services for your Business

  • Web Design
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Management
  • Lead Funnels
  • Video Marketing
  • Graphic Design (Print & Web)
  • Content Writing & Marketing

  • Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Reputation Management
  • Local Authority Packages
  • Email Marketing
  • Software Development
  • Content Syndication

We specialize in MedSpas, not just generic marking across multiple industries. Our experience in our specialty market allows us to know your industry and know what works! We don’t guess, and we have proven partnerships with established and successful MedSpas to back it up.


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Your Brand is Your First Chance to Make a Lasting Impression

The reputation of a brand is a key consideration for almost any businesses, but in the med spa industry, it’s vital. When customers are looking for procedures to enhance their appearance, they’re looking for something far more personal than the kind of goods and services they get from the rest of the businesses they frequent. What they are looking for is to reconnect with their own sense of identity – a version of themselves they think of as their realest and truest selves. As such, straightforwardness and honesty can make or break a med spa.

Along with being the foundation of a long-term relationship with clients, setting realistic expectations around the procedure experience, desired results, recovery time, and other treatment variables will enable your clients to recommend your business moving forward, ideally for the rest of their lives. Although rosy projections could help you sell a few more procedures over the short-run, they could cost you more in long-term returns, and can cost you your entire business altogether.

A recognizable name backed with a strong reputation will help your business build trust, loyalty, and confidence, and will essentially be the first step when it comes to acquiring new customers and retaining them. Ensure your brand is consistent, or you risk confusing prospects.

Your Digital Identity Becomes your True Identity

Today, word-of-mouth is as important as ever. Customer review platforms and social media platforms have made people used to looking up and making their opinions known to others, early and regularly. Businesses that treat them right are adorned with fair and good reviews, and those who don’t end up paying a really expensive price.

And since you have complete control of your digital presence, prospective clients know that your digital identity is your true identity. As such, if your website is outdated, overly simplistic, seems like an afterthought, or worse, non-existent; you are probably driving away most of your prospective customers.

The visitors’ belief about your website translate to their beliefs about you as a business – the ease of navigation, level of attention to detail, and the consistency of your voice. Put yourself in the shoes of a prospect – How much do they care about their public image? How proud are they about their business? How well do they understand what their clients want? How do I get to their office? What time are they usually open?

Your website should be answering these questions 24/7 for your customers, who will certainly visit it first before they even contact you. It’s also wise to have a blog that delivers fresh content, demonstrating your willingness and ability to engage and educate your clients; ideally anticipating and answering their questions or concerns with your posts.

Social Media – Expand your Reach

Social Media Marketing is essentially the link between your offline practice and your digital presence. It’s the engagement portal that provides your medical spa with a chance to have an active role in the daily lives of your clients and prospects.

One key thing to note here is that different social media platforms require different approaches:

  • Instagram: Works best with images. As an aesthetics focused business, pictures of happy clients will be an organic fit, while showing off your work.
  • Facebook: Works best for sharing introductions to the lengthy information on your blog posts, as well as for promotions and adverts.
  • Twitter: Ideal for posting informative links, quick thoughts, quick notifications to clients, or providing fast customer support.

The best way to approach social media is to strategize and have a plan. Establish what you want to achieve, which could be increasing awareness and reach, building your brand, generating more leads, or nurturing your current customers. This way, you can quantify and measure your efforts to see how you’re fairing.

Offline is Still Tried and Tested

In this overly competitive space, it’s important to keep an open mind with your overall marketing strategy. This way, you will be able to stay competitive by adapting to the changing marketing landscape. Consumer tastes and preferences tend to change rapidly, and you can’t afford ignoring some mediums just because.

Although digital marketing comes with major benefits, and should be your main focus, it doesn’t mean that you should ignore the classics. Depending on your target audience, marketing goals, and how you execute your online campaigns, leveraging things like billboards, print ads, radio commercials, direct mail campaigns, or promotional giveaways can help drive traffic to not only your brand, but also your digital campaigns.

Just as your treatments and products constantly evolve to ensure better results, so should your marketing.

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Make it Easy for Prospects to Find You

Knowing your target market is a major component of successful marketing strategies. Knowing the kind of products and services they are looking for comes next.

For instance, injectable treatments have seen an astounding growth in the past decade, especially for the treatment of wrinkles and lines. This has brought about a surge in the sheer number of products and brand names in the segment.

Searching through the jargon figuring out what to focus on in your marketing, especially with your search engine optimization, will make a major difference between a prospect finding you before they run into your competitors.